What is Gig Jockey

Imagine if there was a way to catalogue all the information needed by promoters, agents and the artist’s themselves and contact the right people to get gigs in real time anywhere in the world. Well, now there is!

Gig-Jockey is your one-stop shop for all your event needs taking current technologies to the next level. Gig jockey’s main purpose is to give artists the opportunity to widen their reach and for promoters to book the right artists at the right price, you just need to register and use the Gig Jockey free.

Why use Gig Jockey

Gig-Jockey hosts many powerful features and is incredibly easy-to-use. As an artist and released on stores like Beatport, you input your tour details; dates, times and location and its sent to every promoter in those places to let them know you’re in town.

For the promoters, you have the flexibility to review this data and add DJs to your night without the cost implications of flights, hotels and other rider considerations, crucially making this service a win-win for everybody, none more so than the fans and music lovers who travel the Globe to see and hear their heroes.